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You wake up on an abandoned beach after an explosion destroys the ship you were working on. There is no one around except a bunch of seagulls and a misty monster staring at you with glowing eyes. What do you do?

Jetstream is a choose your own adventure text based game currently in development. It features mystery, stealth, combat, and adventure as you try to find your way back to your life before you woke up on the beach.


In a world of engineering and steam-powered machines, primal wild magic is afoot. All around Kyril, an unusual boy with an almost fey-like appearance, mysterious things begin to occur. Kyril soon realizes that there is a great danger coming, and he cannot stop it alone.

Meanwhile Arderian, a farie folk child with a knack for inventing and an unusual lack of magical powers, struggles to determine his place in the forest that he calls home. As darkness rises, he fights to discover the source of a corruption that can destroy the world if not stopped in time.

Changeling is a story-driven rpg game with a theme of steampunk mixed with fantasy. Play as both Kyril and Arderian as they try to save the world.


Uniclash is a college team themed tower defence Android game developed as part of a software development course by gryphonCode and her team. Play as your favorite college team and defeat your rivals! Uniclash is now published. Download from the Google Play Store.

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